A cover of a "1988 Summer Olympics Album" titled "One Moment in Time." It features a close-up of a hand holding the Olympic torch, with the flame burning brightly and swirling upwards. The background is dark with a hint of clouds, emphasizing the glowing torch. The text and imagery are set against a black backdrop.

Testimonial from Mary Stores

My friend, Mary Stores, recently told me she fondly remembers listening to a 1988 Summer Olympics tape she owned as a child. I’m also a child of the 80’s, and I have this record, on vinyl, in my collection. I digitized it for her as a gift.

Here Is How It Sounds

Mary Writes

I was really excited to receive an .mp3 version of the 1988 Summer Olympics album! Back in 1988 I remember going to the local music store in the mall with my twin sister and a friend to get that album. Throughout that summer and fall I listened to the album quite regularly, and the music from that album is associated with some very sad and happy memories from my childhood.

I played the album on my Insignia TV with my 16-inch mountable Bluedee soundbar with the subwoofer connected.
The sound was very clear, much clearer than my cassette sounded after a while. Toward the end of Side 1 in the pause before the instrumental song began, I heard, much to my delight,  the unmistakable sound that tells you that you are listening to a record.

It’s so wonderful to have a memory back that I thought I had lost forever. Thank you for this great recording!


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