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  • Analog Archivers Opens Online Store

    Analog Archivers Opens Online Store

    The Analog Archivers Store is officially OPEN for business! Yes, you read that right. It’s time to elevate your record and tape treasure hunts to legendary status.

  • When Should I Digitize My Old Media?

    When Should I Digitize My Old Media?

    In today’s digital age, the question of whether to digitize your old media is a difficult one. With the abundance of online platforms offering digital content, it might seem unnecessary to undertake the task of digitizing your physical media. However, there are instances where digitization proves invaluable, preserving memories and ensuring accessibility for years to…

  • Testimonial from Mary Stores

    Testimonial from Mary Stores

    I was really excited to receive an .mp3 version of the 1988 Summer Olympics album! Back in 1988 I remember going to the local music store in the mall with my twin sister and a friend to get that album. Throughout that summer and fall I listened to the album quite regularly, and the music…

  • Preserving the Past: Why Analog Archivers Stands Out

    Preserving the Past: Why Analog Archivers Stands Out

    In today’s digital age, analog recordings hold a special place in our hearts, encapsulating cherished memories in vinyl records and cassette tapes. While many companies offer digitization services, Analog Archivers stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to preserving the integrity of your most precious recordings. Discover why our approach ensures superior…

  • Testimonial from Robin Thomas

    Testimonial from Robin Thomas

    I’m currently listening to Chris’s digitization of a 40-year-old audio cassette of folk songs that I listened to as a kid. The sound quality is so impressive — it sounds like it was recorded yesterday! Chris was great to work with and had the cassette turned around within a week. Thanks so much for letting me…