A cassette tape cover titled "Daddy, Sing Me A Song! Old Songs For Weary Folks" by Greg Jowaisas. The cover features a black and white photo of a man with a mustache playing a banjo and a smiling young boy beside him, both looking at the camera. Below the photo is a tracklist: Side One: 1. John Henry 2. The Big Rock Candy Mountain 3. Yankee Doodle/Golden Slippers 4. Stagolee 5. Casey Jones 6. Amelia Earhart's Last Flight 7. The Fox 8. The Billboard Rag Side Two: 1. Cripple Creek 2. Ground Hog 3. The Great High Wind 4. Tyin' A Knot in the Devil's Tail 5. Blow the Man Down/Didn't Old John/Road to Lisdoonvarna 6. Jenny Jenkins 7. Wild Horses at Stoney Park/Turkey in the Straw 8. Baby-O 9. Row Row Row Your Boat/Glory Hallelujah At the bottom, it reads "©1983, Kid of the Mountain Records" and there is a Dolby System logo.

Testimonial from Robin Thomas

I just finished digitizing a cassette of “Old Songs For Weary Folks” for Robin Thomas. I’m thrilled with how this turned out and, while I hadn’t heard these particular renditions, I was familiar with most of these songs and had a great time hearing them again.

Here is How It Sounds

Robin Writes

I’m currently listening to Chris’s digitization of a 40-year-old audio cassette of folk songs that I listened to as a kid. The sound quality is so impressive — it sounds like it was recorded yesterday! Chris was great to work with and had the cassette turned around within a week. Thanks so much for letting me relive a childhood memory!


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